The Abbey


 General characteristics:

This program is recommended for children between 8 and 17 years. M8kJRqpI4luca-vnLw53VDPdQJas4b9GerLZVkpn-Xs

Abbey has over 700 years of history. It is located in a wonderful 30 minutes from Edinburgh city center land and, therefore, is a very safe place for children. It was converted into school years and entirely renovated rooms offer modern classrooms, computer room, dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms with one or two beds, standard and en suite today.


The program consists of a stay with English lessons, excursions and activities but also offers an immersion in the country’s culture, traditions, food, history and legacy, and it does so through a single program. From the Crypt and from the living room ancient Scottish themes such as music, theater, history, dress and have the opportunity to wear the kilt, etc. are explored

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