TERMS AND CONDITIONS for participants joining EA-WBLtd. trading as ENGLISH IN ACTION, EA GOLF and EA, International Summer Programmes

Booking a EA-WBLtd. course indicates the participant’s acceptance of these terms and conditions. By enrolling students on a course, parents/guardians are accepting these conditions and are giving permission for their children to take part in all programmed events, including activities and excursions, arranged by EA-WBLtd. We assume that students have parents‘ permission to play games and to swim, unless we are informed otherwise.

EA-WBLtd. arranges accommodation in homes or residences as an intermediary and acts solely as paying agent to the hosts or residences on behalf of the participants. All arrangements for accommodation and transport are made by EA-WBLtd. as an agent on the express condition that EA-WBLtd. will not be liable for death, injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity which may be caused either as a result of any defect in any vehicle or through acts of default of any company or individual engaged in transporting the passenger, or in carrying out the arrangements of the programmes, or otherwise in connection therewith or of any third party.
No responsibility is accepted for losses or additional expenses incurred by EA-WBLtd. as a result of delays or changes in air, rail, sea or other services, sickness, weather, war, acts of terrorism, quarantine, strikes or other factors. Such expenses will be charged to the client and must be paid in full. EA-WBLtd. does not accept any responsibility for the loss of money or personal belongings.
EA-WBLtd. reserves the right to alter any programme in any way that it may believe to be necessary or desirable, and to decline to accept any person as a member of any programme at any time without liability to the client or to any other person.

EA-WBLtd. may take photographs of participants and use feedback on courses from participants for promotional and publicity purposes. It is assumed that students and their families give their consent for this unless particular objections are made in writing to EA-WBLtd.

Damage, accidental or otherwise, caused by a participant will be the responsibility of the participant. EA-WBLtd. will expect participants to meet the cost of such damage.

EA-WBLtd. does not insure students against illness, accident, theft, damage or loss of personal belongings and accepts no responsibility in the event of any such occurrences. It is essential for participants and their families to make sure that participants have adequate insurance for their visit to the UK, Canada or USA.

Any complaints against any aspect of the services provided by TV Ltd. should be addressed in the first instance to TV Ltd.’s local representative on site.  In the event that the matter is not resolved, the client or his agent should make an immediate complaint in writing to TV Ltd.’s head office.  Such complaints will be investigated by the company and may be subject to an appropriate refund provided that the complaint is deemed to be valid, the complaint received within seven business days of the incident, and that all fees and costs associated with the booking had been settled in full as laid out in the details above.

We expect all participants to follow our guidelines for acceptable behaviour on our courses. We will arrange for the return home at the earliest possible moment of any participant found to be stealing, taking non-medicinal drugs, breaking the law in any other way, or behaving in a manner which is seriously disruptive to the smooth running of the course. The cost of this early return will be charged to the participant or the participant’s parents or guardian and there will be no refund of any course fees.
Students under 18 years of age may cycle only if we have their parents’ or guardians’ written permission.
Hitch-hiking, skate-boarding and riding mopeds are strictly forbidden.

Our prices are based on costs at the time at which they are issued. In the event of any substantial alteration to these costs or to the VAT rate enforced by the British, Canadian or American government, EA-WBLtd. reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to alter programme prices accordingly.

EA-WBLtd. will help participants in the booking procedure, every step of the way.
It is essential that we receive information in advance about any psychological or physical disabilities, medical conditions, allergies or special dietary requirements. We have a Medical Questionnaire and Consent Form which should be used for this purpose. We reserve the right to decline to accept a booking for medical reasons or to repatriate any student at the participant’s or parents’ or guardian’s expense, if a student arrives with a condition about which we have not been previously informed, and which we have not confirmed that we accept.
For homestay programmes, we will normally require at least four full weeks between receiving of the participant’s details and confirming the details of the host family.
EA-WBLtd. will endeavour to immediately notify all participants by email of unforeseen changes that may affect their booking.


A deposit of £500 Pounds Sterling must accompany the booking for each participant. We will reserve a place and send an invoice for the full cost of the course. The booking is not guaranteed until we receive the balance of the invoice amount as soon as possible after the invoice has been received and, at latest, a full 45 days before the arrival of the participant.
All late bookings must be paid for in full immediately and always before the start of the course.


Intermediary Bank SWIFT/BICNWBKGB2LXXX,  National Westminister Bank PLC, Premier Place, Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4XB, UK

Beneficiary Bank SWIFT/BICEUPNPRSJXXX,  Euro Pacific Bank Limited, 53 Palmeras St., 10th floor, San Juan, 00901, Puerto Rico

BeneficiaryWB Limited,

Account no17688176


If a booking is cancelled before April 1st, for whatever reason £125 Pounds Sterling of the deposit will be retained against administrative costs and expenses and the rest will be returned. After April 1st and until May 15th, if a booking is cancelled, £250 Pounds Sterling of the deposit will be retained and the rest will be returned.
By 15th May, all course fees must be paid in full. From here on, any booking cancelled or for non-arrivals, a cancellation charge equivalent to 100% of the course fee will be made. Refunds for students who do not start or complete their course, for whatever exceptional reason, will be at the discretion of EA-WBLtd. and the participating school/camp.