Students code of conduct

English In Action wishes all students to have a wonderful time during their stay . Our idea is that everybody on any of the campus should be responsible and reliable at all times. The following is a set of rules which are pure common sense and which everybody should understand and accept.

1) Students should behave correctly at all times, with respect for the staff and their companions. Parents should refrain from sending their children if these have behavioural problems.

2) English In Action reserves the right to expel any student who, in its opinion and in spite of warnings, continues to cause problems or continues to endanger the safety of him/her self or that of any others.

3) In the case of expulsion, all expenses of repatriation will be paid for by the parents or the guardian/tutor. There will be no refunds of school fees.

4) No child should carry money whilst at the venue. Any money or valuables should be handed to a representative of English in Action or your Group Leader for safekeeping. Children will be provided with money, when they need it, through a school, banking system or through a Group Leader.

5) English In Action, advises against the use of the following articles: MP3, IPODS, Laptops, Mobiles, Blackberries, Computer or Play station games. Should this advice not be heeded and these articles are lost, stolen or damaged, English In Action will not accept any responsibility.

6) English In Action has 0 (zero) tolerance for the following: Alcohol, Drugs, Cigarettes, Any type of arms/weapons, any type of violence (bullying, insults, racism). Their use or appearance during the programme will mean immediate expulsion. Students shall not leave the Campus for any reason at any time unless given specific permission by a representative of English In Action or a member of the Staff at the centre.

7) Students shall listen to their Group Leaders, monitors and teachers and obey instructions carefully and immediately.

8) Students shall not take their own decisions but consult their Group Leader or in his/her absence a member of staff.

The failure to abide by these rules will result in reprimands, sanctions and possible expulsion.