Cultural tourism in a nutshell: Would you be interested?

Basically, what EA does is gather two groups of people in a four star or boutique  hotel for one week, sometimes  in a coastal town and other times in historical interior towns in different places in Spain. One of the groups is composed of Spanish speaking people, normally professionals, who are eager to improve their spoken English. The other group is composed of native English speakers from any part of the world. Our native English speakers will receive free board and lodging and in return we ask them to spend their time chatting to the Spanish speaking group, mostly on an individual basis, in English, correcting them where and when they can and take part in all the activities which we have planned for the week: One to ones, phone conversations, presentations, interviews, business directed subjects etc.

What exactly is this programme?

EA is holding a Total Immersion Course and the aim is to get the Spanish speakers talking, in English. Also they need to become accustomed to all the different accents in the English language. They need to spend the whole week immerse in the English language.  By the end of the week, they will have spent more than 80 hours speaking exclusively English and will be, with your help, much more fluent than when they began the course. To participate in the course, the Spanish speakers should have at least an Intermediate level in knowledge of the English language.

imgres-6YOU will spend your time in the company of all the different Spanish speaking people in the group, usually on a one to one basis but there will also be group activities. You will, of course, have some free time during the programme and you will be able to visit the town, go down to the beach, and do whatever you feel like. The experience is enriching and fun. You will learn a lot about Spain and the Spanish culture, you will meet people from all walks of life and as they will learn from you, you will learn from them.

Have you got what it takes?

If you are a native English speaker and you are outgoing, with initiative, you like people and communication and you think that you have stories to tell, life experience to share, knowledge of certain subjects, hobbies or a professional background which you would be willing to talk about and you have free time on your hands, then you sound like the person we are looking for. For this type of experience, you must be lively, full of energy and not at all shy!

Would you like to try something different, stay at a four star or boutique  hotel or similar and spend time helping others to speak English fluently? You only have to pay for your flight.Then, contact us! We will fill you in on the all the details.

A typical day at English – In – Action Total Immersion:

imgres-2The day begins at breakfast. Everybody will be there and everybody will be talking, in English. After breakfast, there will be a short get together to discuss the daily plans.Immediately after that the “one to ones” will begin.You will speak to a Spanish speaker for approximately one hour. You may stay at the hotel, sit in the gardens, the lounge, the cafeteria, you may go for a walk together or have coffee somewhere. It is doesn’t matter so long as there is a lot of English conversation going on! And so the day continues with the ones to ones and other activities, in groups or in twos, depending on what is to be done.

Please ask us to send you  the schedule so that you can see what goes on throughout the week.

There will be a reception at the beginning so that we can all introduce ourselves and break the ice. There will also be a farewell party.