Total Immersion for Adults

Intensive English conversation for professionals and adults.

Italian teacher teaching a group of students
Italian teacher teaching a group of students

From breakfast until bedtime, you are immersed in English conversation, between 84 to 90 hours per week in a 4 star or boutique hotel with Native English speakers of different accents. You practise conversation in “one to ones”, telephone calls, video conferences, presentations, sales techniques, socializing and English business culture etc. The environment is optimized to permit you to concentrate your efforts on improving your English conversation in your area of interest.



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The components of EA Ltd have been preparing immersion trips to the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States of America for adults and children from all over the world for many years.

Over the years we have seen how it really becomes increasingly difficult to make communication with English speaking people real and constant in these trips and stays. The formal English classes can be very good but the participants in the classes are usually all foreigners and all speak an English, logically, incorrect. They socialize outside of classes with each other and therefore it is only with teachers that they have the opportunity to communicate in English. Let’s be honest. Is not sufficient

The teaching of English has always been very traditional in many countries. A lot of grammar, many exercises and very little oral class. Today, most foreigners, especially Spanish speakers and Italians can have an acceptable level of grammar and are able to read even at a high technical level but find it very difficult to order a simple breakfast at the hotel or ask for directions on the street or have a social conversation with different people of different accents

EA aims to help break the barrier of communication through its Total Immersion Courses. Let’s make it possible for you to lose the fear of speaking. You will be able to face different real situations and you will have to do it in English. You will hold talks with native speakers of English, make phone calls, make presentations and take part in debates.



For one week you will live in a hotel and if there are, say, 10 foreigners in the group, there will be at least ten to twelve native speakers of English. It will be an intense coexistence with English, Scottish, Irish, American, etc. English will be exclusively spoken. There will be activities throughout the day and until well into the night that will keep you busy and it will be a challenge for you but at the end of the week you will see the results. At the end of the week you will have spent more than 80 hours talking and listening to English.

From the breakfast itself the day begins, half asleep or not, speaking in English. And then there are at least four one-to-ones: What’s that ?: It’s a conversation of about an hour with an English-speaking native. After this conversation (which can take place in the hotel, the cafeteria, in the gardens, going out for a walk, drinking coffee around or in one of the classrooms), you will have another hour of conversation with another native speaker. English and so on up to 4 or 5 times. The ear will go “opening and adapting to the different accents.



During all meals, most in the hotel, there will be mixed tables (with a rotating method) of English and foreigners but the common language will be English. The evening activities can be sometimes 1: 1 or in small groups, always mixed with English-speaking natives: debates on hot topics of today’s society, interviews, presentations, small projects, telephone conversations, video conferences, etc. If necessary, there will be intensive grammar courses or clarification classes of the grammar areas that give problems. Little by little, you will get to see your progress, how your hearing has improved, how you are able to hold conversations, listen to instructions and act quickly , lose stage fright. You will achieve your goals.



You will get: A big change in your relationship with English. You will feel more secure and confident. In a week you will have been immersed in English for more than 80 hours and this, in a normal course, in an English speaking country you could not do it. You should be 2 or 3 months or more.

Our intensive English courses are developed in hotels of three and four stars selected for their adaptation to the program. Participants are accommodated in single rooms on a full-board basis. You do not have to think about anything other than to disconnect from your normal daily life and let yourself be carried away by what EA has programmed for you. Put all your effort in that, in living, eating breakfast, eating, dining, having fun exclusively in English.