what is English in Action

ninaEA has been in education for 30 years. Originally as teachers (English / Spanish language and literature as well as entrepreneurship, sports and health) and has also been involved, voluntarily, in projects carried out in Third World countries with different NGOs throughout the years. EA continues today with work which goes from organizing student travel, accompanying their young charges throughout their stays abroad, taking active part in the programmes at the different schools/Camps to organising Total Immersions for adults who need to perfect their English, normally for professional reasons.
Widely traveled, educated in Great Britain, Germany, Canada, USA and Spain and speaking several languages, the staff and collaborators of EA have an acute sense of what Internationalism is, endeavouring to transmit its importance to all their students, encouraging them to broaden their horizons, to learn about other cultures, religions, traditions and customs, to open their minds to what is today a changing world.

Deeply interested in the well being of young people, in the last years EA has come to realise that there is room for improvement in the type of programmes offered to young students of the English language on the educational market today and its aim is to promote, through partnerships with selected centres of education in Great Britain, Canada, USA, programmes which avoid the presence in mass of certain groups of nationalities and work towards a true international mix in a native, english speaking environment. Programmes with “that something extra special” within an environment of total safety where everybody contributes to the whole and where it becomes evident that learning can also be great fun.

EA continues to be involved actively in the educational world, in collaboration with a team of partners, agents, coordinators who have the same concept of internationalism and of the well being of the young person, as themselves.