English in action

ENGLISH IN ACTION, hereafter referred to as EA is the trading name of EA-WBLtd. and started out over 30 years ago as an organization of educational advisors whose aim was to help parents find the most suitable educational centre for their children, be it a boarding school, a summer school, an exchange, or a course in the English language at different times of the year.
Today, EA continues upon the same quest but at the same time, and driven by its conviction that there is a need for a better approach to Summer School/Camp education, has developed educational centres where it has been possible to promote programmes which mark the difference. It is the aim of EA to continue developing in the future, promoting unique, quality programmes with “that something special” at centres in Canada, the UK and U.S.A.

What makes these centres different?

EA will only form alliances with those centres of education that are willing to adapt and move towards the “next step” in helping students to learn English. Firstly, the intention is to ensure that there is never a dominant nationality on the campus, that the shake up of nationalities is balanced. Where there is an unbalanced mix, it is impossible to achieve that the students integrate and use English as the common language of communication.
Where possible, the international students will share their every day life with Canadian or British students or with other native English speakers and in this way ensure that the children, through integration, will play, study, socialise together, making the most of the English language. The results have been spectacular, even in those students who stayed for only 2 or 3 weeks.
The intention of EA is to promote programmes, rich in content and, where possible, courses which spark off the enthusiasm of the student, courses which will enhance their education and be useful to them for the rest of their lives.
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